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This is how princesses and princes live in today's boarding schools21 - January - 2020

In the fire of Ebenzweier Castle in 2016, much was destroyed, but not everything. For example, the Solnhofen natural stone slabs could be saved and expanded.

We like to use this wonderful stone again (not really just for reasons of recycling) not only on the floor but also on some walls.

The result is what we think is a wonderful mosaic.

This is how princesses and princes live in today's boarding schools
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Pre-Christmas Schwoich23 - December - 2020

One day before Christmas, we went back to the sunny village in Schwoich for our last site visit this year.

The photo lacks the snow, which is due to the traditional Christmas thaw, but we are still full of anticipation for the construction progress in the coming year.

Pre-Christmas Schwoich
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Ebenzweier Castle in Advent17 - December - 2020

Yesterday we were back at the construction site in Schloss Ebenzweier in Altmünster. The work is well advanced in large parts of the building - the focus is currently on the residential tower and the dining room.

The top floor in the residential tower is currently more or less in its raw state, but the quality of stay for the students can already be guessed at.

Ebenzweier Castle in Advent
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Visit to Schwoich05 - December - 2020

About a third of the village expansion in Schwoich is finished in the shell.

With this project we have zero opportunities for excuses: We have won the urban planning competition, are doing the architecture and are together with our partners Holzbau Lengauer-Stockner GmbH and Christoph Bichler also active as a property developer.

The first two houses will be occupied in a few weeks, in the meantime the wooden elements for the next houses will be manufactured in the hall and, if the weather permits, assembled. How this works can be seen in these pictures at the 4 row houses.

Visit to Schwoich
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Living with terraced gardens and panoramic balconies04 - December - 2020

In our housing project on Gufeltalweg presented yesterday, there is also art in architecture. What a beautiful three-dimensional gallery space the staircase with the graphic work is. Chosen and perfectly placed by Silvia Höller and Günther Moschig.

Incidentally, the photo in the most beautiful evening mood is again from David Schreyer.

Living with terraced gardens and panoramic balconies
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That's how you live in Innsbruck03 - December - 2020

And again a residential building was completed, and again David Schreyer photographed it perfectly.

The light falls through a 15 meter high light slot into the stairwell, which is also an in-house gallery.

We perforated the massive concrete wall for reasons of economy.

More than twenty graphics from the Klingler Collection, selected and curated by Silvia Höller and Günther Moschig, hang in the house.

That's how you live in Innsbruck
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Silver for a golden house19 - November - 2020

Silver at the worldwide architecture prize WAN-Award in the category ‘Healthcare’: Together with our project partners from Kaufmann und Partner, we are very happy about this great award.

Thanks to the jury and our team. Unfortunately, it was not possible to hand over the prize in person this year. Then we just have to be successful again so that we then have a reason to go to London.

Click here for the film (begins at 10:50): https://youtu.be/lFuRYQBp_ls

Silver for a golden house
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News from the Urban Planning Commission15 - November - 2020

Again, the urban planning commission around architect Andreas Kleboth was concerned with a current and relevant topic. And it went again to the outskirts of Linz, to the new home.

Less attention was paid to these urban spaces for many decades, but now the enormous potential could be exploited.

[https://www.mein Bezirk.at/linz/c-politik/die-neue-heimat-rueckt-in-den-fokus-der-linzer-stadtentwickler_a4331290 Autovermietung(https://www.meinzeile.at/linz/ c-politics / the-new-homeland-moves-into-the-focus-of-linzer-urban-developers_a4331290)

News from the Urban Planning Commission
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Our first social housing project29 - October - 2020

Our first social housing is ready. And we think he looks adorable. We would like to live there too. What do you all mean?

David Schreyer has again succeeded perfectly in interpreting our design perfectly. We are happy about the wonderful pictures.

Many people made this project possible in the first place, including Thomas Schwarz, Erika Brunnermeier, Kinga Walczak, Sepp Braid, Stefan Milenkovic, Stefan Weirauch, Stefan Sterlich, Christian Reicher, Richard Steger’s architecture specialist, Peter Kapfinger, Gerhard Dollnig and Andreas Kleboth

Our first social housing project
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Skeptical considerations, exciting perspectives, diverse impressions28 - October - 2020

The village expansion in the sunny village of Tyrol is growing. The first 5 terraced houses are already there, now the first two flex houses will follow.

The first two model houses will be almost ready by Christmas, but things will continue in rapid succession. A group of houses will be set up every 2-3 weeks. Some (concreted) bases are already waiting.

The wooden houses are partly plastered and partly clad with wood. Solar collectors are installed on the facades and roofs of at least 50% of the houses.

Skeptical considerations, exciting perspectives, diverse impressions
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Presentation as an event22 - October - 2020

That was also an exciting competition, which we unfortunately did not win: New use of the Marx-Halle in Vienna together with CMb.industries Chris Müller and Maria Dietrich, Michael Holzer, Stefan Milenkovic, Anna Ziegler and Andreas Kleboth.

We built a three-dimensional plan of our concept - as you can see - very large.

Presentation as an event
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The third 'Streitgespräch'21 - October - 2020

Our last few weeks with the first three ‘Streitgespräche’ were pretty intense. Lots of preparations, excitement, inputs, new, contradicting, inspiring …

That brings a lot of energy to the conception of the Linz city strategy. Now there is a short break before the 4th dispute about the city network continues.

We used this time to summarize and reflect on what had happened so far, but above all to prepare for the next few weeks.

In the city strategy, important course for the future development of the city of Linz is set. Therefore, Mayor Klaus Luger and Deputy Mayor Markus Hein as well as City Planning Director Gunter Amesberger are attentive listeners.

Photo: Alois Endl Photography

The third 'Streitgespräch'
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3rd prize competition at the Schwertberg Health Center15 - October - 2020

At the jury for the competition for the health center in Schwertberg, which has just passed, our contribution was awarded the 3rd prize.

The competition proposal provides for a flat overbuilding of the ground floor zone with local shops and a fitness center. The park level above separates the functions on the ground floor from the medical center in the western structure and the apartments in the eastern structure, which are each designed in a height-graded manner.

Among other things, “the relationship to the local situation and the surrounding small-scale development, as well as the accentuation on the north-west corner of the property, which forms the urban transition to the town center” were rated positively. The jury also liked the fact that the different functions are depicted in separate structures, as well as attractive open spaces on the park level.

Collaboration: Stefan Sterlich, Valentin Hofer, Julia Wannenmacher

3rd prize competition at the Schwertberg Health Center
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The second 'Streitgespräch'10 - October - 2020

We are currently working intensively on the Linz city strategy. In a total of 5 ‘Streitgespräche’, ‘Think Linz ahead’ is the motto.

A lot of work is necessary in the background so that everything works as well as possible in the evening, the topics are excitingly prepared, communication works and enough guests follow this future topic live and on the Internet.

Gideon Grill not only made the great graphics but is also otherwise almost around the clock - at least in his head - on the topic.

Photo: Alois Endl Photography

The second 'Streitgespräch'
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The first 'Streitgespräch'26 - September - 2020

Exciting kick-off event for the Linz urban development strategy

It was about the challenge of ‘urban economy’ - a complex topic that shapes our urban design much more than we often believe. Because if the economy continues to grow as we know it, the city will eventually become too small. Or are there other models for this? And who primarily shapes the (economic) development of Linz? Is it the economy, politics or even civil society?

The first 'Streitgespräch'
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Workshop presentation25 - September - 2020

Tonight was the presentation of the results of our workshop week in St. Georgen an der Gusen. And in the spirit of modern vacancy management in a former supermarket on the market square. The event was also broadcast via livestream and streamed by 680 users. That is considerable with 4700 inhabitants. Thanks to Richard Steger for the great cooperation.

Workshop presentation
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State Architecture Prize Salzburg24 - September - 2020

Film report on the awarding of the Salzburg State Architecture Prize. Our two nominated projects also appear briefly, at 3:10 p.m. child and adolescent psychiatry (planned together with Kaufmann and Partner) and at 6:38 p.m. Commend Austria.

Nice to see the outstanding projects that have emerged in Salzburg over the past 2 years, and we are very pleased that we were able to make a contribution.


State Architecture Prize Salzburg
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Workshop in St. Georgen22 - September - 2020

St. Georgen an der Gusen, evening event and keynote speech on the topic of green spaces by Carla Lo. Lively discussion and many interesting questions …

Workshop in St. Georgen
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Romantic lighting in St. Georgen21 - September - 2020

Helmut Koch presents his ideas for an innovative transport solution as part of our workshop to revitalize the center.

Great, somewhat trashy ambience in the abandoned shop. Together with Richard Steger’s architecture specialist shop, we are happy about this great, COVID-19-fair event.

Romantic lighting in St. Georgen
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Workshopauftakt in St. Georgen19 - September - 2020

Gestern fand der Workshopauftakt in St. Georgen an der Gusen mit reger Teilnahme der Bevölkerung statt. Fünf unterschiedliche Stationen gaben jedem die Gelegenheit sich persönlich und spielerisch einzubringen.

Kommende Woche werden wir gemeinsam mit Richard Steger, Carla Lo und Helmut Koch im Rahmen einer Charette das Marktzentrum bearbeiten. Wir freuen uns schon.

Workshopauftakt in St. Georgen
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Here we go!17 - September - 2020

After almost two years of preparation, we will start next Wednesday with the first discussion of the Linz city strategy on the subject of ‘urban economy’.

Due to the COVID restrictions, we can unfortunately only allow a limited number of participants live. Please register by tomorrow after, because we let the lot decide.

For everyone who cannot be there live this time, we will broadcast the disputes and the citizens’ forum live on YouTube. And the day after, there is again the opportunity to deposit your own ideas at ‘We are listening’.

Here we go!
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Construction progress in Schwoich16 - September - 2020

Such a village extension is like a hidden object even during the construction period. It should stay that way, because the sunny village should be animated as we would like it to be for a village.

Thank you Schreyer David for the great photos, which always give you the feeling that you can hear and smell the construction site.

Construction progress in Schwoich
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Was graffiti invented by architects?14 - September - 2020

Albrecht Hölzl and the restorer sketching the detailed solutions. A building distributor had to believe in it.

The old, restored wooden ceilings turn the (boarding) rooms into real castle rooms.

Was graffiti invented by architects?
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Two times shortlisted13 - September - 2020

Two projects that we have been able to realize in Salzburg over the past few years are now on the shortlist of the Salzburg State Architecture Prize.

We are already looking forward to it and are curious to see who will win the prize in the end. A total of 11 more beautiful projects are in the running.

The photo shows the garden of Commend Austria GmbH in Salzburg.

Two times shortlisted
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Baustellenbesichtigung in Schwoich09 - September - 2020

Im Sonnendorf in Schwoich werden gerade die ersten beiden Holzhäuser aufgestellt, die Sockel für die nächsten 5 Häuser stehen schon bereit und die Baulöcher für die nächsten 12 Häuser sind schon gegraben (und teilweise mit Wasser gefüllt).

So schnell geht’s mit Vorfertigung, so schön ist Holzbau, so traumhaft ist der Bauplatz.

Baustellenbesichtigung in Schwoich
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