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Andreas Kleboth speaks at the Future Brick Days14 - May - 2024

Wienerberger Austria hosted the Future Brick Days at the Architekturzentrum Wien on the topic of “The future of housing”. Urban planning and architects around the world are facing the same challenges: There is less and less affordable housing for more and more people. Added to this are the requirements for solutions that are as sustainable, CO2-neutral and resource-saving as possible and the question of the financial viability of “green” housing. Top national and international speakers highlighted the current challenges facing the industry in their presentations. Andreas Kleboth considered how an urban strategy can ‘enable the valuable city’.

Andreas Kleboth speaks at the Future Brick Days
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Slim tower convinces design advisory board18 - September - 2023

Our very unique design for a very special site passes the design advisory board and receives much praise from the chairman Rüdiger Lainer.

A slender tower, standing on a two-story green base, elegantly leans against an existing 30m high firewall. In addition to diverse gardens on five different levels, the design offers above all an exciting, small-scale structured brick facade.

We are already looking forward to the further implementation steps of this Wertsecure project and to the collaboration with the planning team of L-Bauengineering and Carla Lo.

Slim tower convinces design advisory board
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Almost roofing of the Capuchin monastery04 - September - 2023

The shell is almost finished, now the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten reported in detail about the really very exciting construction site.

Almost roofing of the Capuchin monastery
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The gateway to the city13 - March - 2023

In a one-week workshop for the Salzburgerstrasse in Linz, we worked together with Linz city officials, neighbors, property owners and other interested parties to think about how this district, which is heavily dominated by car traffic, can be led into a livable future. Questions of mobility for pedestrians and cyclists played a major role, as did the Wegscheid train station, the greening of the arterial road, the traffic-safe city connection under the arterial road, the preservation or enlargement of the park … play an important role.

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The gateway to the city
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From now on, it's back to the top.05 - March - 2023

The construction site in the Capuchin monastery is progressing rapidly. Until now it was mainly downwards, demolition of a part of the building to enlarge the garden; foundation reinforcements: now the attic was also removed (and will be rebuilt), but from now on we are also building upwards again. (together with ARKForm and Riepl Riepl), Photo: Klaus Landerl

From now on, it's back to the top.
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Fascinating crane ballet08 - February - 2023

The construction site in Berresgasse is in full swing. More than 3,000 apartments are being built on approximately 35 hectares, a school campus has already been completed, and the open space is to become a prototype for car-free living. And for the first time, we are also allowed to build in an area for which we were jointly responsible for the urban planning. Our’ construction site is almost lost in the forest because of all the cranes.

Fascinating crane ballet
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house with garden villas31 - January - 2023

The Linz Design Advisory Board particularly liked our project for Wienerstraße: the idea of offering two-story studio apartments along the street and noise-protected two-story maisonettes in the garden convinced everyone involved. We are pleased to develop an interesting residential offer for this exciting urban space.

 house with garden villas
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Start of construction of the Stockenhuberweg project02 - February - 2323

Construction is underway on Stockenhuberweg. In a beautiful location on the outskirts of Linz, 16 high-quality and very individual apartments are being built, with gardens, balconies, atriums and terraces under a green solar roof.

Start of construction of the Stockenhuberweg project
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Press podcast on the topic of urban development in the Urban Lakeside16 - January - 2023

Between a place of longing and climate protection - how the 15-minute city brings the two together.

What the 3420 board and our Andreas Kleboth have to say on the subject can be heard here:


Press podcast on the topic of urban development in the Urban Lakeside
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Construction Start Bierol Brauerei02 - November - 2022

For Bierol - the equally unusual and successful Tyrolean craft beer brewery - we designed a distinctive new building. The basic form corresponds to the agricultural buildings of the adjacent family farm, in detail the new brewery holds many exciting facets for the long-term development of the location and the building fits perfectly with the Bierol brand.

Construction Start Bierol Brauerei
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Start of construction Vienna Berresgasse!25 - October - 2022

For the first time, we can also build here on a project where we did the urban planning (together with Vlay Streeruwitz, Hubert Rieß, Carla Lo, Robert Korab and Stadtland). And the construction site is imposing. A total of 3,500 apartments are being built here almost simultaneously. Our residential building is comparatively small in comparison, with 150 units.

Start of construction Vienna Berresgasse!
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Wheel stables for the castle28 - September - 2022

In order to keep the bicycles of the students and teachers of the Ebenzweier Castle boarding school dry, we have designed an ingenious outbuilding. The facade and the roof construction are made of wood, the roof of transparent photovoltaic elements. Since the building slopes with the terrain to the south, the solar input for energy production is maximized.

Wheel stables for the castle
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Start of Construction Haus beim See30 - August - 2022

We have received the building permit for the residential building near Lake Pleschingen, and construction work will start in the fall of 2022. In this project, we can realize several elementary ideas at once: for example, there are 3 different apartment typologies under the bent roof. Then the trapezoidal building form complements the urban space here into an exciting whole.

Start of Construction Haus beim See
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Building Permit for the Town House14 - July - 2022

An old townhouse in the center of Linz is being raised.

The planned roof extension reacts self-confidently to the urban context of the perimeter block development, the high point creates a clear urban situation at the street corner. The regular perforated facade of the existing building is continued in a new interpretation in the seamlessly integrated roof structure.

Building Permit for the Town House
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Topping-out Ceremony at the 'Haus am See'30 - June - 2022

The “Haus am See” has reached the topping-out ceremony, and this was celebrated accordingly. The carpenters had a special role to play, as they are responsible for the entire construction, which is made of solid wood.

Topping-out Ceremony at the 'Haus am See'
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Keynote Speech at the Ceremony for the 1st LEVA Award08 - June - 2022

The LEVA is the first Austrian award for the domestic window industry. The best performers of the year 2021 were awarded.

Andreas Kleboth was invited to give the keynote speech at the ceremony in Salzburg.

Keynote Speech at the Ceremony for the 1st LEVA Award
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Trans PED - International Research Project Meeting in Helsingborg31 - May - 2022

Wir sind mit unserem Projekt Sonnendorf in Schwoich Teil dieses internationalen Forschungsprojekts. TRANS-PED ist ein zweijähriges Forschungsprojekt zur Entwicklung eines Governance Ansatzes, der es den Akteuren in Positive Energy Districts ermöglicht, tiefgreifende Veränderungen in Ihren Städten besser zu realisieren. An diesem Forschungsprojekt sind 11 Partner aus Österreich, Belgien und Schweden beteiligt. Diesmal trafen wir uns in Helsingborg bei der Urban Future Conference und besichtigten die Projekten Brunnshög in Lung und Hammerby Sjöstad 2.0 in Stockholm.

Trans PED - International Research Project Meeting in Helsingborg
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Office Wien

Since August 2021 we finally have an office in Vienna. In the wonderfully lively Margaretenstraße in a great loft we have our workspaces.

Stefan, Magdalena and Sandra are constantly enjoying the benefits of this co-working space with cool meeting rooms and an internal gym. But they often get visitors from Linz and Innsbruck (:

Office Wien
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Inspirierende Blicke

After the ‘365+1 Inspirierende Spuren’ (365+1 Inspiring Trails), this year we have combined 366 more images into ‘0732 - Inspirierende Blicken’ (0732 - Inspiring Views).

We also post these daily inspirations on Facebook and Instagram.



Inspirierende Blicke
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Pubilkation im LINZA: Zur Zukunft des Linzer Salzstadls14 - December - 2021

The LINZA asked Andreas Kleboth what he thinks of the plans to demolish Linz’s Salzstadl directly on the Danube.


Pubilkation im LINZA: Zur Zukunft des Linzer Salzstadls
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First Trans PED research meeting in Brussels

Finally, a first meeting of the Trans PED research project could take place in Brussels.

Trans PED is an international project involving 11 partners from Austria, Belgium and Sweden. Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) are urban neighbourhoods with net-zero annual energy imports and net-zero CO2 emissions. The EU is aiming for 100 PEDs by 2025.

We are involved with two projects: On the one hand, our village extension ‘Sonnendorf in Schwoich’ is a PED site, and on the other hand, we managed the urban development concept and framework planning of the second Austrian PED site Graz-Reininghaus for more than 5 years. https://trans-ped.eu/

First Trans PED research meeting in Brussels
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Michael Schottenberg besuchte die Tabakfabrik02 - December - 2021

The actor, director, theater director and author visited Linz in the spring and also the Linz Tobacco Factory. We were allowed to guide Mr. Schottenberg through the area for several hours and show him our favorite places. This has now been turned into a television report and broadcast on ORF Studio 2.

In it, ‘Schotti’ talks full of incomparable passion about architecture, about the forward-looking role of the tobacco factory and about architects as philosophers (and included Andreas Kleboth).

Michael Schottenberg besuchte die Tabakfabrik
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Bestandsaufnahme zu den Linzer Hochhäusern im LINZA02 - November - 2021

The LINZA city magazine invited Andreas Kleboth to take stock of Linz’s older and newer high-rise buildings. During a bicycle tour, Wilhelm Holzleitner from LINZA and Andreas Kleboth discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the individual projects. Two aspects stood out in particular: 1. it is not so important how high the towers are, but even more important how they ‘land’ in the city, how the ground floors are designed and used. 2. if high-rise buildings are to be built, then the city should have something to gain from them. The newer high-rises were less convincing than some of the older ones.

Bestandsaufnahme zu den Linzer Hochhäusern im LINZA
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A real reason to rejoice: 'The ... Chaos has proven itself'

Ten years ago, the Shared Space at Sonnenfelsplatz (today it would be called an encounter zone) was opened. The project was an experiment in many respects: the legal basis for such an intersection did not really exist in Austria, there was no comparable project with a similarly high traffic density anywhere in the world, and furthermore we tried out a planning and citizen participation format that was new for us at the time.

What was new? On this square in the university quarter of Graz there was and is a very high frequency of cars, cyclists and pedestrians. Of course, many students, but also children, the elderly, people with visual impairments. Nevertheless, we dispensed with the usual traffic guidance models with traffic signs, curbs and clearly assigned functional areas. The principle is simplified as ‘social behaviour instead of traffic rules’.

We actively involved the population, especially the neighbours, the school children, people who had a special relationship to the place, and we explicitly tried to include people with visual impairments in the redesign from the very beginning.

And for the first time we tried working in a charrette. We rented an empty café on site and worked concentrated and intensively for 5 days directly on site. We regularly informed the public about the progress of the planning, talked to those affected, took on board ideas from interested parties, coordinated the planning with the city, with the authorities, with the Grazer Linien.

In this way, we succeeded in planning an unusual, a courageous project in a short time and in implementing it with relatively low financial means.

We had a great interdisciplinary team and the politics and administration of the city of Graz were committed with great dedication and maximum openness. With Michael Sammer, Helmut Koch and many more.

Our project was also awarded the ÖGUT Prize for Participation and we gave numerous presentations in which we shared our experiences with the project and the procedure.

Here is a film about the ‘organised chaos’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgYzyGvMqjo

A real reason to rejoice: 'The ... Chaos has proven itself'
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Do you want to realise the future-oriented city together?

We are looking for reinforcement for the conception, development and implementation of our exciting projects.

Inspiration is important to us, good humour too, reliability a condition, individual experience brings us all forward just as much as specific know-how; we love to take unusual paths and find new solutions for the city in the process; we are more frontiersmen than administrators, love the city and lively places, appreciate conflict as an opportunity for further development; colours are irreplaceable for us and ornaments are no crime.

We look forward to receiving your application,

mailto: jobs@klebothdollnig.com


Do you want to realise the future-oriented city together?
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