Residential building Kaplanhofstraße

The new structure in the courtyard between the general management of Oberösterreichische Versicherung (1974) and a historic villa is friendly and elegant. The access from Gruberstraße is somewhat hidden, but attracts attention with an inspiring facade, so residents and visitors are invited to come closer.

In relation to the surrounding neighbors, residential construction occupies a special position. With the exception of the villa on the south side, all other neighboring buildings form a block edge, creating a clear courtyard situation.

The body is structured on the one hand by a 1.5-storey base and a strong grid, on the other hand by 3 different design elements: the bay window, the loggia, the balcony. They are not addons, but rather a deformation of the building mass. The interior turns outwards as if from one piece and presents itself to the city. The rounded corners and the more cantilevered balconies in the south and west emphasize the three-dimensional shape of the building volume.

Designed together with: Stefan Sterlich, Barbara Kaufmann